I began define my FEED extension of ADC. You can read the hungarian draft.

If you have an opinion or you want to send feedback, please post your message to comments section.

The development of DCWatch is active again. I will release a new version with some bugfix (and maybe extra feature) at weekend.

The other component of bot will be not changed yet, but the protocol implementation (Embla) is under development, too. The next Embla release is 0.2.0. It will support client-client communication and (maybe) faster network communication.

This is the official DCWatch logo (135x135):

The new DCWatch release is out. It has some little bugfix and a major feature. The bot can check urls via Phishtank API in main chat.

The users on the hub don't see if an user connects to hub via XMPP.

I created a Lua script for fixing this problem:

I cannot use the Translation page on Launchpad, so I upload the translation templates here.

If you want to help translation download the templates.

Please send the completed language files to cyb [at] dcwatch [dot] hu .

Thank you!

Today morning I released a newest version of DCWatch. You can download this release from Launchpad.net or Downloads block on the left side.

Important changes:

  • all plugin will be compatible with eHub 0.4.0 (details)
  • configuration files will be compatibla with eHub 0.4.0 (details)
  • RSS and ATOM feed reader is in DCWatch (Aggregator plugin)
  • we will create charts form service data (Statistics plugin)
  • the configuration of Lua51 and Aggregator plugins are storable (details)
  • the language is modifiable
  • it runs on all version of Linux and Windows in 32 bit
  • user registration and rights is changeable (details)
  • ops can ban users by extra conditions (details)
  • bug fixes

I received an email from MINA mailing-list that the new version of MINA was released. It has some bugfix and few new feature. This is a next step to the final version of MINA 2.0.0. Thank You!

The communication between two applications needs a common language. This language is the protocol. The DCWatch supports 3 protocol by default.

  • NeoModus Direct Connect (NMDC)
  • Advanced Direct Connect (ADC)
  • Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP)

The new version of DCWatch is coming soon. It has some modul, but the language of these moduls is english by default, so we wanted translators.

I will upload the translate sources to Launchpad in few days.

You can subscribe to translator's mailing list: dcwatch-translators [at] googlegroups [dot] com

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